Slavic Studies Major Study Abroad

Slavic Studies majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a summer or for an academic term. Majors often apply for Nationality Room Scholarships for summer study. The Summer Language Institute offers generous scholarships as well. Study abroad opportunities include:

  • Summer Study in Moscow, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the former Yugoslavia: The Slavic Department currently sponsors a ten credit summer-study programs as part of the Summer Language Institute in Pittsburgh (5 weeks) and Moscow (5 weeks) at the Moscow State University, in Pittsburgh (6 weeks) and Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria (4 weeks). Students may study first- through fourth-year Russian, or first- and second-year Polish, Slovak and Bulgarian, covering one full year of language study in ten weeks. The Slovak Studies Program also provides access to a summer program in Bratislava which follows the Intensive Slovak courses during the summer.  A six-week program in Advanced Mastery Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian is held in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo.  A departmental scholarship, the Thomas Kukucka Memorial Award is a possible extra source of funding for study in Slovakia. Contact the Slavic Department at 412-624-5906.
  • The University of Pittsburgh is affiliated with a number of other organizations holding both summer and semester or year-long study in Central and East Europe. Contact the Study Abroad Office, 802 WPU, 412-647-7413
  • The Russian and East European Study Center regularly organizes summer study courses in both language and social science in such locations as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among others. REES has scholarships available for summer study abroad. Contact Vera Sebulsky, REES undergraduate advisor, for more information at 412-648-7418.
  • The Nationality Rooms Program offers a vide variety of competitive scholarships for summer study abroad in many parts of the world, including Central and East Europe. Applications are generally due in January. Contact the Nationality Rooms Programs at 1209 Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-6510

Undergraduate Advisor

Jane G. Harris, 1420 Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-5708