The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers courses that count towards the Russian major in the fall and spring semesters. Russian language courses are also taught in the Summer Language Institute (SLI) at Pitt. Offered in June, July, and the first part of August, the SLI provides intensive courses that cover an entire year of study at the first- through fourth-year levels of Russian language. There is also a study abroad courses available at the SLI in which students spend half of the program in Pittsburgh, and half in Moscow, Russia. For prospective majors, the SLI affords the opportunity to rapidly increase language proficiency in order to qualify for advanced courses, study abroad programs, or research opportunities.  

Prospective majors in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures include: students who are primarily interested in language or literature, students who wish to enhance their career opportunities in a unique way, students who have an interest in the politics and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe, and students with a desire to explore their ethnic heritage. For students interested in interdisciplinary area studies, the Russian and East European Studies (REES) certificate, offered through UCIS, is an attractive complement to a major or minor in the Slavic department. 

Many Russian majors continue their studies in graduate school or go on to careers in law, engineering, business, and government. Students of Slavic languages find their training valuable when working for local western Pennsylvania institutions and in politics, business, health-related professions, and the media, because of the large population in this region which traces its roots to the various Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe. Students interested in a major or minor in the department should begin language study early to ensure attainment of advanced language proficiency.

Major Requirements

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