Special Requirements

Major Requirements

1. All courses listed in the table of Language Requirements. Students who enter the program with some knowledge of or experience with Russian may apply for placement at a suitable level, and will be excused from lower-level language courses. Students who would like to accelerate their language study may complete one year of basic language coursework (two courses) by participating in an approved intensive summer program.
2. Both core literature courses (0800, 0810) and both core culture courses (0850, 0860).
3. One 1000-level course in Russian literature.
4. Two Russian-related courses in other departments (e.g., art, music, history, political science, economics).
5. For honors students: at least one additional 1000-level course, plus a twenty-page paper involving primary-source research and a two-page Russian summary, supervised by an appointed faculty committee.
6. Participation in an approved study-abroad program in Russia (summer or semester). The Department will adjust the course requirements in individual cases to accommodate this participation without delaying students' graduation. This requirement may be waived on an individual basis in consultation with the undergraduate advisor where it would pose significant hardship (financial, family-related, etc.).
Russian majors are strongly encouraged to earn an interdepartmental Russian and East European Studies Certificate, many of the requirements for which overlap the requirements for majoring in Russian. Interested students are invited to consult with the undergraduate advisor about this opportunity.