Vladimir Padunov

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

PhD, Cornell University, 1983

Office: 1228 Cathedral of Learning

As Director of  the Annual Russian Film Symposium,  Padunov has built Pitt's Russian film holdings into the largest collection outside of Russia.

Courses Taught

A four course graduate cycle on Russo-Soviet cinema

Stalin at the Movies

Cinema of Thaw and Stagnation

Perestroika and Beyond, Soviet Literature from the Thaw to Perestroika, Formative Masterpieces of 19th Century literature

Advanced and Fourth-year Russian


“Storing and Restoring History: Gosfil’mofond and 10th Belye Stolby Film Festival.” KinoKultura 12 (April 2006)

“Lebedinaia pesnia: Pechal'naia sud'ba Pesni o Rossii Gregori Ratoffa (1944)”; translation of “Swan Song: The Sad Fate of Gregory Ratoff's Song of Russia (1944).” KinoForum 1 (2006): 45-47

“Imperial Acorn —→ National Oaks: The Eighth KinoForum.” KinoKultura 5 (July 2004)

“Stars Above Almaty: Kazakh Cinema Between 1998 and 2003.” KinoKultura 3 (Jan 2004)

“’Large Loose Baggy Monsters’: The Poetics of Excess in Contemporary Russian Culture.” Iskusstvo kino 7 (1996): 159-162

Research Interests

History of Russo-Soviet cinema

19th and 20th century novel

Narrative theory

Cultural politics