Victoria Juharyan

Visiting Assistant Professor

PhD, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Princeton University

MA, Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College

BA, Journalism and Literary Editing, Saint-Petersburg State University

Office: 1229B CL


University Honors, Saint-Petersburg State University (Summa cum laude)

The Martin T. Kinsey '71 Memorial Fund for Russian Studies (travel grant to Russia for Ivan Goncharov’s 200th Anniversary Conference, 2012)

The Bayard Henry, Class of 1876, Graduate Fellowship Fund (Princeton University. Fall, 2012)

Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies Grant (to Goethe Institute, Berlin), Summers 2014 and 2015

Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Princeton University, 2017-18

Courses Taught

Philosophy and Literature: Western Thought and the Russian Dialogic Imagination

“The Seer of the Flesh:” Tolstoy’s Art and Thought

First, second and third year Russian


“Tolstoy’s Own ‘Master and Slave’ Dialectic: ‘Khoziain i rabotnik’ as a re-writing of a Hegelian narrative.” Slavic and East European Journal (SEEJ) 61.1 (Spring 2017).

“Museum of the Shestidesyatniki.” Russian Life, January 2018.

Natalia Dolinina, A Companion to War and Peace (Po Stranitsam Voini i mira). Co-translation into English with Michael Denner (forthcoming with Tolstoy Studies Journal).

Book Review. Henry W. Pickford. Thinking with Tolstoy and Wittgenstein: Expression, Emotion, and Art (Northwestern UP, 2016). Forthcoming in SEEJ.

Book Review. Jeff Love. The Black Circle: A Life of Alexander Kojève (Columbia University Press, 2018). Forthcoming in SEEJ.

Research Interests

Philosophy and Literature

German Idealism and Russian Realism

19th Century Russian Literature




Philosophy of Emotion and Cognition in Literature

Theory of the Novel


Russian Drama and Poetry


Representative Conference Presentations

ASEEES 2018, Boston Roundtable “Disciplines without Borders: On Multidisciplinarity” “Twenty-Five Years of Donna Orwin's Tolstoy's Art and Thought."

AATSEEL 2018, Washington, DC “The Cognitive Value of Love in Anna Karenina.” Co-organized a stream of panels on Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.

ASEEES 2016, Chicago “’Father Sergius and ‘Swimming on Dry Land” Roundtable “Tolstoy: An Historical Poetics.”

AATSEEL 2017, San Francisco “Love and Knowledge in Tolstoy’s Resurrection.”

ASEEES 2016, Washington, DC “’The Rational Irrationalist:’ Dostoevsky’s Lyrical Philosophy” Roundtable “Philosophy of Love.”

Middlebury Graduate Symposium 2016 “Hegel and Goncharov.”

Slavics without Borders 2016 “The Pleasure of Despair or the Burden of Hope: The Helpless in Dostoevsky.” Princeton-Columbia Graduate Conference 2016, New York “Classical Categories of Love in the Russian Philosophical Tradition.”

AATSEEL 2016, Austin “Between Humility and Humiliation: Love as Freedom and Love as Addiction in Dostoevsky.”

ASEEES 2015, Boston “Climbing Down Plato's ‘Ladder’: Tolstoy’s Aesthetics and Philosophy of Love Pre- and Post 'Conversion'.”

Princeton-Columbia Graduate Conference, Spring 2015 “The Cognitive Value of Love in Tolstoy.”

AATSEEL 2014, Vancouver “Tolstoy’s Own ‘Master and Slave’ Dialectic: ‘Khozyain i rabotnik’ as a re-writing of a Hegelian narrative.”

ASEEES 2013, Boston “Hegel and Goncharov: History, Progress, and ‘Revolutionary’ Change in Obiknovennaya istoriya, Oblomov and Obryv.”

Literary Theatricality: Theatrical Text, Princeton University, 2012 “Oblomovian Plato and His Utterly Improbable Existence in Four Acts.”

Ivan Goncharov’s 200th Anniversary, Moscow State University, 2012 "Gegel' i Goncharov: «Oblomov» kak philosofskii roman s dialekticheskoi strukturoi."