Jonathan Platt


Jonathan Platt

Assistant Professor, On leave, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

PhD, Columbia University, 2008

Office: 1228 Cathedral of Learning

A specialist in the works of Pushkin, Platt's interests include poetics, literary theory, Soviet culture, and Russian contemporary art and poetry. He is currently at work on Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya: The Last Soviet Militant.

Courses Taught

Pushkin and Lermontov

19th Century Russian Poetry

Bakhtin's Aesthetics


Man and Superman

Stalinist Culture in the 1930s


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Research Interests

Alexander Pushkin's works and reception

Romanticism and Post-Romanticism

Stalinist culture and its reverberations in contemporary Russia

Engaged Russian art and poetry

Intertextual poetics

Political violence and militant subjectivity

Theories of gender and sexuality

Discourses of modernity